• A new generation
    of Sunflower oil


    Convenient to cook with

    Healthy & Delicious


Quick and easy to digest, no weight gain.
Preserves the flavor and freshness of food.

Omega 9

content of
up to 90%

Vitamin E

contains a natural


lowers bad

Extracted from seeds of a new, special type of sunflower

HOSSO® Omega-9 is a refined, deodorized, winterized sunflower oil derived from a new, special species of sunflower seeds that is free of GMOs and trans fats. Its specific butyric acid structure (more than 80% monounsaturated Omega-9 oleic acid) provides it with nutritional and health benefits similar to those of olive oil when consumed directly, as well as resistance to oxidation, not lower than that of specialized frying oils for high-temperature processing.

The use of HOSSO® for professional purposes quickly emphasizes its significant advantages over other cooking oils: cost-effective, convenient to cook with, delicious and healthy food.


Repeated use

Due to its high oxidation resistance, even under high-temperature processing, HOSSO® can be used repeatedly and continuously (over 4 times more than that of regular oil) without changing the quality of prepared foods.

Induction period at 110°C (hours)

Heats faster

HOSSO® heats and fries faster than other oils, allowing you to serve more customers quicker.

Does not penetrate the products while frying

With its low penetration rate into food, HOSSO® remains in the kitchen, not on the customer's plate, reducing the consumption of oil per output by up to 80%.

Convenient to cook with

Universally applicable for any culinary task

HOSSO® is an outstanding choice for frying, cooking, seasoning salads and preparation of dressings, as well as for baking. With a single type of cooking oil, you can prepare any recipe for your customers.

Easy and safe to change and refill

Currently, most frying oils solidify at room temperature and need to be replaced while still hot, which might result in burns and other accidents. With a crystallization threshold at below 5°C, HOSSO® relieves you of these worries allowing you to calmly and safely handle the oil after it has cooled down.

Keeps the workplace clean

HOSSO® does not foam, splatter or exhaust smoke. This allows you to maintain excellent hygiene in the kitchen.


Pleased and loyal customers

Being a pure product with a neutral taste, HOSSO® has the ability to enhance and concentrate the natural flavour of dishes. Used for flavoring and dressings, HOSSO® combines and complements the taste and flavor of spices with no after-taste, helping the Chef to achieve the intended end result.

When frying, HOSSO® unobtrusively "seals" products with a golden, crisp crust, keeping them fresh, soft, and light on the inside.

With HOSSO®, even the most ordinary dishes exude sophistication, care, and respect towards food connoisseurs.

Cost-effective, convenient, delicious!